: Children and safety

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You have a huge influence in your children's lives. Help them develop key social skills that will help them give and get respect in all their relationships and friendships.

Respect. Give it. Get it.


halo reviewThe Smoke without Fire

Update - there's a great new resource at NCPTSD on the health and sideeffects of electronic cigarettes at (

Electronic cigarette are fast growing as a major concern. It is evidenced in a Google research where results nearing six million shows up just after entering a phrase 'electronic cigarette'.

The electronic cigarette has existed for the past three years and is a device aimed at providing smokers with a solution which is much healthier. It is a device that helps one to reduce and even stop smoking altogether.
In the current generation, the electronic cigarettes have been created to be user friendly than the other versions which were too large to appeal for the mass market. The most realistic cigarette is the mini up to date. It has a length of almost 100mm that is the same with the conventional cigarette.

In an electronic cigarette, you will find that it has a taste of tobacco, though none of the substances which are harmful are found in it. It allows the smokers cravings get satisfied without even inhaling the dangerous toxins found in the common cigarette.
A nicotine chamber which is renewable, an atomizer and a battery gives the smoker an opportunity to hold and at the same time smoke an electronic cigarette the same way as they would when using the normal cigarette. As they continue drawing, they will experience a smoke like vapor and also glow at the same time. (here's a

A nicotine cartridge will typically last for a range of 15 to 20 cigarettes. Through this, it creates a big saving when compared to the normal cost. The cartridge strengths may include low, medium, standard and no nicotine.
As it stands, this is a healthier option. It has so many options that we have not mentioned yet. You will find that electronic cigarettes are legally allowed to be smoked in public due to the fact that it doesn't try to emit any harmful substances, toxins or real smoke at any particular time. During winter time, the smokers will have an opportunity of smoking while indoors, as they will not be forced to go and smoke in designated places. This is due to the fact that, it does not emit any harmful substances whatsoever.
The none smokers will too benefit to some extend, as their worries in regard of passive smoking will be by the electronic cigarette. This way, an environment that is much more sociable will be created.
When looked at from a neutral perspective, you will come to learn that electronic cigarettes are much healthier, environmentally friendly and cheaper as an alternative to smoking.